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Equipment Solutions LLC shall determine, in its sole discretion (i) whether to accept Company as a customer, (ii) whether a guarantor shall be required, if any, (the "Guarantor"), and (ii) the maximum number of units of equipment which may be rented by Company during the period a Rental/Lease Agreement, as such term is defined below. Company understands that Equiment Solutions LLC may retain this Application whether or not it is approved. Upon such determination, in order to rent/lease trailers with Equipment Solutions LLC, (i) Company shall enter into an equipment rental agreement and/or lease agreement with Equipment Solutions LLC for the possession, use, operation but not ownership of the equipment (in either event, the "Rental/Lease Agreement(s)") and (ii) Guarantor shall enter into a guaranty agreement for the benefit of Equipment Solutions LLC which guaranty guaranties the payment and performance of Company under the Rental/Lease Agreement(s) (the "Guaranty").

The undersigned is/are the [legal owner(s)/authorized officer] of Company and by my/our signature(s) below, I/we hereby execute this Equipment Leasing Application (this "Application") for myself/ourselves and on behalf of Company, and further:

  • Certifies that all of the foregoing information and other information provided to Equipment Solutions LLC in furtherance of this Application is true and correct (under the penalties of perjury) and shall remain true and correct on the date of the Rental/ Lease Agreement(s) and any Guaranty. To the extent any of the information is not correct or shall become untrue, including but not limited to changes in ownership, Company and/or the legal owner(s) shall notify Equiment Solutions LLC immediately of such change(s) in writing.
  • Authorizes Equipment Solutions LLC together with any of its third-party vendors to whom Equipment Solutions LLC may rightfully refer this Application to investigate and review Company's creditworthiness (collectively, the "Equipment Solutions LLC Parties"), as of the date hereof and through the term of any Rental/Lease Agreement, to (i) request and require a credit report with respect to Company, (ii) contact Company's creditors and Company further authorizes any such creditor to release credit information about Company as the Equipment Solutions LLC Parties may request (any such creditor may rely on this provision to disclose such credit information), and (iii) request and obtain insurance information and evidence of insurance from Company's insurance company(ies).
  • Authorizes the Equipment Solutions LLC parties to share this Application and Company's related information in Equipment Solutions LLCs possession in connection herewith with any affiliates of Equipment Solutions LLC or any potential counterparties engaged in any discussion(s) contemplating the assignment, transfer, sale or any other disposition of any Rental/Lease Agreement which may arise from this Application.
  • Authorizes the Equipment Solutions LLC Parties to answer any and all third-party questions related to Equipment Solutions LLC's credit experience with Company

This Application may be executed and delivered by electronic (facsimile, email, .pdf or otherwise) transmission shall constitute effective execution and delivery hereof and all purposes and signatures hereto transmitted and/or produced electronically shall be deemed to be their original signature for all purposes. Each of the undersigned, on behalf of each undersigned and Company, hereby agree with the all of the foregoing and certify all information provided herein to be true and correct as of the date hereof and, except as otherwise updated by Company in writing to Equipment Solutions LLC, shall be true as of the date of the Rental/Lease Agreement and Guaranty, if any.

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