Lease & Rental

Equipment Solutions rents and leases new and well-maintained Semi-Tractors, Spotter Trucks, Box Trucks, Dry Van Trailers, Refrigerated Trailers, Refrigerated Containers, and Dry Containers to some of the nation’s leading logistics companies.

Whether you’re a large operation or running a small fleet we can meet your long-term lease needs anywhere in the country.

If you need a standard piece of equipment or equipment specifically built to your needs, we are here to help!


Looking to improve operations and productivity while also saving capital? You can by selecting one of the many lease options with Equipment Solutions.

As your company's need for productivity and cost-effectiveness continues to increase, creativity becomes increasingly important in the management of your assets.

Your fleet is no exception, which is why we offer custom solutions for your specific needs. Whether you’re in need of trucks, refrigerated or dry containers, over the road, storage or refrigerated vans, Equipment Solutions can deliver.

Our leasing options include:

  • Operating Lease
    Flexible terms to meet your ever-changing business needs and provides you with newer equipment on a shorter cycle without the hassle of remarketing
  • Finance Lease
    Capitalized lease amortized to a fair market or pre-determined residual with a balloon payment at the end of term
  • Lease Purchase
    Financed over a term to a $1.00 buyout


With our ability to obtain several different types of equipment, Equipment Solutions is able to offer a short term rental option to meet your peak season needs.

Short term rentals help with peak season but also allow you the flexibility to ramp your fleet up or down at a moment's notice.